paula ilonze

Communications Wiz | Storyteller | Entrepreneur

In my previous life, I dabbled in politics working as a communications fellow for the North Carolina Democratic Party during the infamous 2016 election. Following that stint, I was living the fast life as a red carpet entertainment reporter in LA. I’d like to think that working in communications now in Washington D.C. is the happy medium between the two.

Passions: personal development, leadership, career strategizing, startups, interpersonal relationships, mentorship

Hobbies: daydreaming, reading, falling down the YouTube rabbit hole, bonding with friends and family, singing, jogging

Skills: interpersonal communications, copy editing, motivational speaking, storytelling, public speaking, hosting, ideation, project management, getting ready in under 30 minutes

Education: University of North Carolina at Charlotte, BA in Communication Studies/PR University of Southern California, MS in Journalism

Certifications: Project Management Professional (PMP)

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