Yara Shahidi was the belle of the ball at the inaugural Freeform Summit

This past Thursday, Hollywood’s newest it girl, Yara Shahidi, was given the utmost praise at Freeform’s very first Freeform Summit. The Grown-ish actor sat on a panel titled, Millennials Are Destroying All The Industries, and wowed the crowd with her take on how millennials (and her generation, gen x) are using social media to make industries stronger than they’ve ever been before.

Shahidi was joined by a slew of other young movers and shakers, the most notable of them being fashion model and entrepreneur, Karlie Kloss, Editor-in-Chief of teenVOGUE, Elaine Welteroth, and journalist and founder of Her Agenda, Rhonesha Byng.

Another panelist, NY Times best-selling author, comedian and digital strategist, Luvvie Ajayi, repeatedly hailed the 17-year-old for her wit and sophistication saying, “when I was her age, you couldn’t tell me nothin’. I was out here being stupid. And look at her (Shahidi) out here changing the world.”

Not only was she heralded as the smart, charming and talented teen that she is, but her show Grown-ish–which recently premiered in Jan. 2018–was also the most talked about on the red carpet beforehand.

Famous in Love actors Pepi Sonuga, Keith Powers and Carter Jenkins all gushed about how much they were really diggin’ Freeform’s newest comedy, and Jenkins even went on to say that he felt “honored to be on the same network as Grown-ish.”

Talk about critical acclaim, right?

Check out the video below when I broke the news to Yara that Grown-ish had been renewed for a second season.

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