The best business newsletters for female, BIPOC founders

As someone who has been entrepreneurial-minded for years before finally starting a company, I’ve found that it’s very advantageous to immerse yourself in startup culture well before you’ve even taken your first official step. Listening to and being surrounded by people whose footsteps you eventually hope to follow is always a smart thing to do. The same can be said for subscribing to business newsletters, because they often have gems that you don’t want to miss out on when learning the ropes.

As we all know, content is king. Organizations, founders, and everything in between are constantly looking for ways to appear as an expert in their respective fields, and the best way to do that is by constantly pumping out content. Content could be blog posts, social media posts, guides, e-books, etc. In this case, newsletters are the topic I’m focusing on.

Depending on the creator, newsletters can be distributed on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis (or whatever works for them). Newsletters typically consist of curated content grouped in topics like funding opportunities, webinars, job postings, and accelerators/program applications. Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, they have helped me gain access to countless opportunities that I likely would not have found if I wasn’t subscribed.

If you’re looking to start your own business soon too, here are my suggestions for newsletters you should subscribe to:

1. New Voices

2. Beacon

I came across BEACON earlier this year when I was googling a local DC founder and saw she was affiliated with them. It appealed to me because the resources are targeted toward women, and with a special focus on the DC metro area. BEACON was designed as a campaign to support women entrepreneurs and to catalyze change in the community, and was founded by the Office of Mayor Muriel Bowser, Google, and Georgetown Law’s Tech Institute. Their bi-weekly newsletter’s grants list and program/accelerator offerings are also very impressive, and I have personally benefited from applying to those opportunities.

3. SoGal

I discovered SoGal Ventures because one of the co-founders is a USC alum, and so am I. SoGal is a female-founded venture capital firm that invests in female-founded startups. Their bi-weekly newsletter is packed with resources, including job postings in tech, grant opportunities, founder spotlights, and fireside chats. I appreciate the fireside chats the most because I get to hear different female founders share their tips for success!

4. Digital Undivided

This semi-weekly newsletter isn’t packed with as many resources as the other ones I mentioned, but they are good at promoting their own events, products and programs, which makes sense based on the organization’s mission. Digitalundivided was founded to develop innovative programs and initiatives that catalyzes economic growth in Black and Latinx communities. If you’re looking for accelerators and programs specifically for woman of color founders, this is the place to subscribe!

5. HelloAlice

I’ve been hearing about HelloAlice for a while now, but silly enough, the name deterred me from looking into it further because it didn’t sound like something that involved business. Ironically, the last BEACON newsletter I read is what finally brought me to their website and I’m so glad I finally did. This is the only organization on this list that isn’t focused on female or woman of color founders, but their resources are too rich to not include as an honorary mention. HelloAlice was founded by two small business owners whose mission was ensure every entrepreneur has what they need to launch and grow their own small business adventure. Their website is packed with information, and their newsletter (that I just recently subscribed to) is filled with grant and pitch opportunities which is exactly what I need.

In conclusion, why spend your time scouring the internet for all the things you need for your business if you don’t have to? Thoughtfully curated content delivered straight to your inbox is the easiest way to stay informed while forming your business.

Published by Paula Ilonze

Communications Wiz | Journalist | Entrepreneur

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